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The wife blames husband all the time, Jian fruit. . .

   Guide language: After a lot of men get married, downhearted all the time, but regretful why should get married? In the light of them character, grave of emotive of marital that is to say, the skin is torn and the flash gap open that trifling marital basic necessities of life torments them. Because most of this kind of state meets 1 to cannot manage the wife of analogy, the marriage of happy joy must another praise, is not blindly go grousing. Many is to lean intelligent.

Li Ke from the eve of the lunar New Year that moment of one, mentioned love with respect to He Liuhui, after the eve of the lunar New Year learns an university to graduate 1 year, they are fond of knot happy match. Ordinarily, they ended amative marathon, walk along marriage, a pair ought to be happy joy. But, after hitting get married oneself, the rule with one aeriform handle is taken on Li Ke's hand, if see,the husband should be measured without fail. When the husband washs dress trousers, she can say: You see “ , this collar, this cuff, you wash even dress trousers not clean, able still what? ” husband cooks, she can say: “ alas, how is cooking salty that is to say weak, a bit chart also is done not have, how to make a person eat? ” husband does chore, she can say: “ how so stupid, the ground also is brushed not clean. ” husband handles an issue, she also is complaint bellyful: “ looks at you, connect a word to also won't say, how does your person trust you? ” example is such kind, the noise in the home is ceaseless Yu Er.

At the beginning that moment, liu Hui often is black face not utter sth, between long, he just began to bunt with her. He can say: “ disrelishs me to wash dress trousers not clean, your oneself is washed. ” throws dress trousers toward which subsequently, throw the door and go. He still can say: “ I cook do not have chart, you are done later, I still do not want to do. ” sometimes, he also is met the eve of the lunar New Year sends Lei Ting, with her the eve of the lunar New Year makes a noise, subsequently several days everybody pays no attention to two people who.

Pass a few days, two people and be in harmony, but Li Ke still does not change to go up of oneself chronic, that moment that still can work in him chatters not only, time already passed a few years in cat-and-dog bumpy in that way. Have at long last everyday, li Ke is in again when talking about his bowl to be washed not cleanly, he also does not have a law to bear again, throw all bowl on the ground, growl of sound of the eve of the lunar New Year: “ you are irritated, see me not pleasing to the eye, divorce of may just as ell calculated, see whose pleasing to the eye who follow before. ”

Li Ke absolutely did not have think of Liu Hui can allude divorce 2 words, the tear on her horse falls like rain: I tell “ you, be so that are you good,still? Changed another person I still do not want to say! Want to divorce, good, leave nowadays! ” Jian fruit, liu Hui throws the door and go. Later, li Ke is persuaded friendlily in the basin below, make clear half each general principle of Hunan, it is oneself so not OK to the husband too slashing. Actually, dress trousers has this two are washed not clean it is the thing; husband that often appears not be hutch of the eve of the lunar New Year, now and then salt is put put more little also be bagatelle this; housework is vivid everybody can meet individual of;1 of careless mistake giving a point now and then missay 9 words are unavoidable. And the nag that oneself lasts plants this ordinary person many sided of constant some indisposition is restricted greaten, and return fostered chronic. Because she is right,be more of the husband slashing, just make the husband and oneself further and further.

Famous psychologist doctor has done detailed inquiry to visit to Ou of 1500 pairs of beautiful. Consider to profession, in marital eye, nag, slashing it is the drawback with bigger wife. In addition, exam of Gallup popular wishes and Johnson disposition are analytic ——2 famous research organization, their research Jian fruit is same completely, they detect, everything kind of individuation also won't resemble nag, slashing huge of generation of the basic necessities of life in giving the home is damaged.

The magazine of new York, some periodical ascends half a case that throw a person, a card trick-cycling of many years old 50 is versed in, invite applications for a job the common people of 3 distinguished personages killed bitterly the wife of oneself. Sin about his cause, according to him oneself alleges, prep only by chatters ceaselessly from beginning to end at his wife and grouse.

In burn down emotive in any blaze, din is most bloodcurdling a kind, as be being bitten by serpent, do not have survival absolutely look. Are you be a preachy woman? The man that asks you. If his referenced answer is without doubt, that Zuo asks your rational look upon, so that everybody's feeling is mixed marriage, think the method lets oneself be far from a nag, a few following be those who let you offer ——

  1, need not speak repeatedly

If you hint the man says acceptance wants for company too before him 3 times or so,you take a walk, and his absolutely still, show he presses a root not to wish to go. That Zuo , with respect to Pull in your ears! , do not relapse again, the nag always makes him resolved make the same score anything but take.

   2, the thing with sober not happy look upon

Not happy thing is the most special let feminine nagging easily, they all the time its are recounting not tire of irritatedly the discomfort of oneself and depressed. If your marital mood is bad that moment, also do not chatter before him not was over, that kind always draws brawl. Think the method operates the mood of oneself, or it is a bad mood basis in addition means untangle comes out, when coming out calmly till each other, take out the thing again attentive discuss, that moment that discuss should be careful to make the same score gas and, maintain reason, can not use ultra language.

   3, exceed eye ground with gentle method

“ catchs fly with sweet goods, should compare the article that uses acid much more reasonable ” . If you talk about the husband not to let you buy that time of birthday gift, be not a patch on scatters a charming to him, ground of charming be angry says: “ husband, I understand you to expect I am more and more good-looking, accordingly, I prepare to use the money in your Qian Ga to buy one a complete set of ahead of schedule masked taste the birthday gift that sends me as you, how do you say? ” listened to get a word in that way, which old underworld gang refuses?

Accordingly, divide a nag, you can apply certain and mild kind to hold your eye ground thoroughly.

   4, the sense of humor that models oneself

Produce strange thing with humorous methodological look upon, the mood that meets you is free from worry. Some wives urge the husband to send bath towel for oneself to the bathroom, marital pose is nodded slow or do not have pay attention to, they are met unexpectedly fire of be angry of the eve of the lunar New Year, just began to talk about the husband not to love oneself, this kind of state makes a person unthinkable.

In basic necessities of life, a lot of things do not have indispensible life, but people is general and certain female factitious and certain He Zudao bagatelle is stretching tight closely face, the resentment that melting emotional change is mutual reprimand. Be not a patch on models the sense of humor of oneself, maintain a mood everyday to you free from worry.

When if a lady is in,twenties gets married before long, talk about the husband with respect to all day long, what do you await to just can rise duty raises in those days, what await you to just can make the money that buys house of the eve of the lunar New Year of one a complete set of in those days, what await you to just can buy …… of car of an illicit home in those days that Zuo becomes her 40 years old when, must be 1 cannot be saved medicine, fulsome blame authoritative expert, and her husband also can become 1 likely all the day the common man of grey face.