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Cummer total provision is in beautiful conjugal love here

  Guide language: If in an affection whole world, give to make many men fair or it is a woman fair, that Zuo , this one affection can be delayed extend a lot of misfortunes and choose. The feeling that but have,chooses is not good impression affection. The hero person in article content is common the lady beside dissatisfactory all the time oneself, fruit of which kinds of Jian can you cause to give ?

Before half moon, I sign up attend half outdoors theme activity. Go in hill on the road, flower of new ass MM spends a stagger, pool of deep water of below that is to say, fortunately my eye disease is swift-handed, one handle scoops up her “ ” to live, also calculate accident ground to save her one life. This falls, her foot is hurt not gently, I see her was about to cry, go to be accompanied all the way all the way accordingly, say some of jest to listen to her.

After answering Wuhan, beautiful flower is in buckle buckle go up to add me desperately. She without preamble, had said 4 words instantly: I love “ you! When ” and beautiful beautiful prattle, of La Xin buckle buckle blinking again. Between the lines, cram want and my compound implication. Large half an year of this the eve of the lunar New Year comes, first love cummer, La Xin, Xiaoshi, they come in my basic necessities of life normally, conjugal love, stop, be wounded, left again.

Before July, I and love first love cummer of 5 years dies without known cause, cannot talk about what contradiction, that is to say did not have passion. At that time, la Xin gives . On bout party, basin friend wants my convoy she comes home, accordingly, people develops a trend to become sweethearts. The love of people is associated, she is like other of for fear that not to know, often call together the eve of the lunar New Year to help a friendly party, I should cooperate beautiful; of show conjugal love each other I follow friendly prattle of opposite sex basin, when she is making a noise to want to see prattle record; keep rich customer, the regulation must want to allude her full name; is before the colleague, should I call ”…… of her “ wife affectionately is she appropriate do wife? Too babyish!

At that time, xiaoshi gives . She is my client, post lady's peculiar elegant demeanour, want me his mind disturbed like that. I do not operate, that is to say thinks press close to she. Everyday at night, grievance is sufferred on Xiaoshi job, in my channel she after 2 many hour, la Xin broke out at long last, her din suspiciouses, instead wants me to face up to with the dark be ignorant of among Xiaoshi.

Accordingly, la Xin went, xiaoshi comes. Be aimed at La Xin, my heart has compunctious, till nowadays is attention,take care of her. Xiaoshi is perfect and sedate, I regard her as sincerely the wife in the future. Can speak of get married, she just began reprimand my sensation, the room is little, the car was differred, I this one person is no good, want training, I cannot with optional life, cannot with excited and excited, this kind is I want the babyish …… in her eye completely sedate, want to perfect, want aspirant, between the that meets with a gang of scoundries, want to be used at studying economy, I am upset by unkindness by day greatly, come home to did not have placatory, was gone by …… of mistake of reprimand means disagreement however, what I want is wife, not be a teacher. Cat-and-dog hind, people just began maintain a lukewarm relationship.

Beautiful, await a in those days here unluckily. Her standard is first-rate still, also calculate a girl that marries a person to love. I been thinkinging, should try with her? Want to be less than, beautiful flower sees me did not appear, just began to sign up for a door oneself. She 2019 27 years old, family distributive dates, as the tactic of several persons taking turns in fighting one opponent to tire him out, nowadays, her feeling trysts with its and stranger, return be not a patch on to look for each body to understand, accordingly, I become the next date overall objective. This, wanted me to do not have appetite suddenly, as becoming a variety of Chinese cabbage, be weighed by other jin by two ……

I am very depressed, consider the age of get married to where, search to be not worn however the person that can you get married? La Xin is young, dan Youzhi must make Xiaoshi of popular feeling tired; perfect, however beautiful flower of; of heavy of old mannish of hard to avoid is optimistic, be reality however date mad …… they, who just is the most appropriate my person?

   The eve of the lunar New Year gives new device

  Get married is mad it is you

  Give new device person: YUCCA, female, famous affection keeps a hand

Actually you just are 1 renown deputy actually get married is mad, Zuo is cranky model, I now is not to carry beasts of burden, have that Zuo much conventions can contrast to you, in that way even if you and amid on situation of a wife red carpet, I also dare gamble you must meet what the marriage that gives you once more will appeal in those days, as a result of marriage the requirement of each link is not identical also, for example you will meet become known day the Xiaoshi that must perfect, and you can be relatively lively in night the madam that La Xin is you. Your social progress demand is too remarkable, feel with respect to what regular meeting has be thwarted, and you forgot yourself listen respectfully the sound of your heart, recollect, the as most pleasant as cummer of your first love that time you are not it is to won't think, can maintaining her be your bride? Say a colloquialism, have those who choose choosing also is not best choose yes, do be clear about?

   Did not have acme woman

  Give new device person: Bad blue double eye, female, beijing affection writer

You are a too troubled man really, you are like very innocent, each woman is dissatisfactory also. You are longing for her all the day sensible, obedient, good-looking, do not love fund, not OK still sticky you, excuse me, in that way woman, do you feel the male qualified personnel of what appearance deserves to having her?

You saved a flower, her crime is too enthusiastic. Did not have to you had thought, be the suggestion that the manner of dark be ignorant of that is you gave her love? La Xin's crime is too babyish, but, you examine oneself is too chill to her, didn't as a result have make public of safe and sexy full whole world so at her? Because Xiaoshi criterion is slashing and be rebuked to resemble a teacher …… writing down by you prison, if you are enough acme, you also can seek again poor woman its send facula, conversely, again good woman is here is OK still winkle defect, what you can search is not an equipment that is hypostatic model with your psychokinesis, if you adjust not quite good mentation, you can be disappointed from beginning to end, because there was not a woman on this whole world,be acme.

   The woman of pure sex is good operate

  Give new device person: Su Wang, female, wuhan media is compilatory

Conte of this one affection, no more than is to want us to handle with the means that laying even junior high school is real operation: Eliminate a doctrine. Xiaoshi is did not have “ the biggest, can taller ” the woman as emotional article of creed or faith, disposition is decision-making her rather go without than have something shoddy-put quality before quantity. Beautiful, no less than her full name, the flower blossoms be defeated, too beautiful wife can not want. If the La Xin of pure sex is same a Er child, attentive grow, just branch numerous Xie Mao. But, must the burnish polish between . After calculating yield, important looking at you to be able to choose is wanting see ban4cheng2pin3 Zuo is goods.

Accordingly, with accurate platoon division, eliminate final, they also are not a lot of the most appropriate of forest of the eve of the lunar New Year. If must from 1 is carried among this, that Zuo is to choose La Xin, the woman of pure sex is good operate.